Karami, S., H. Ejtehadi, H. Moazzeni, J. Vaezi, and M. Behroozian. 2022. Minimal climate change impacts on the geographic distribution of Nepeta glomerulosa, medicinal species endemic to southwestern and central Asia. Scientific Reports 12.

Medicinal plants are valuable species, but their geographic distributions may be limited or exposed to extinction by climate change. Therefore, research on medicinal plants in the face of climate change is fundamental for developing conservation strategies. Distributional patterns for a semi-endemic medicinal plant species, Nepeta glomerulosa, distributed in southwestern and central Asia was determined based on a maximum–entropy algorithm. We evaluated potential geographic shifts in suitability patterns for this species under two Shared Socioeconomic Pathways scenarios (SSP2-4.5 and SSP5-8.5) of climate change for 2060. Our models based on climatic features indicate that the species occupies montane areas under current conditions; transfer of the model to future climate scenarios indicated that suitable areas for the species will increase in general, and the species will likely track its favored set of climate conditions. But the types and degrees of these changes differ among areas. Our findings can be used to inform conservation management programs for medicinal, endemic, and endangered species that probably respond similarly to climate change in southwestern and central Asia.

Aellen, Paul

* 13 mayo 1896 – 19 agosto 1973 †



Colectó Asteraceae y identificó Amaranthaceae

Joseph Friedrich Nicolaus Bornmüller
Bornmüller, Joseph Friedrich Nicolaus

* 06 febrero 1862 – 19 diciembre 1948 †



Colectó Asteraceae y identificó Asteraceae

Esfandiari, Esfandiar

* 03 marzo 1910 – 03 agosto 1995 †

Irán, República islámica de


Colectó Fabaceae y identificó Asteraceae

Heinrich Carl Haussknecht
Haussknecht, Heinrich Carl

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Kingdom of Prussia


Colectó Fabaceae y identificó Brassicaceae

Walter N. Koelz
Koelz, Walter N.

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Estados Unidos


Colectó Poaceae y identificó Poaceae

Theodor Kotschy
Kotschy, Theodor

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Colectó Asteraceae y identificó Lamiaceae

Colectó Poaceae y identificó Poaceae

Stewart, Ralph Randles

* 15 abril 1890 – 06 noviembre 1993 †

Estados Unidos


Colectó Asteraceae y identificó Balsaminaceae